Connected glucometer company LabStyle partners with nutrition app FatSecret

By Aditi Pai
08:32 am

DarioIsrael-based LabStyle Innovations, maker of a smartphone-connected glucometer called Dario, partnered with nutrition app maker FatSecret.

Dario is a small glucose meter that syncs with a companion app. It works with Apple iPhone 5, iPads and iPods and Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Tab. The app includes a nutrition guide, logbook, insulin calculator and monitoring system. A data overview within the app displays a radial chart of blood glucose measurements. It also shows how many measurements were above, below or within the blood glucose target range and if they were before or after a meal.

"What we have seen in the market is existing players are taking a glucose meter and integrating it into a smartphone, which is using the smartphone mainly as a presentation of the blood glucose and also capturing information as a logbook," LabStyle Innovation CEO Erez Raphael told MobiHealthNews. "We, as a company, took the solution two steps forward. We thought that by providing a smart software with pattern recognition and good user experience, we could create some stickiness of users to our app and also provide them with a level of personalization that will help them define exactly what to do next and how to take care of themselves better." 

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With this partnership in place, Dario users can log food from FatSecret's database, an important part of the routine for a person with diabetes. FatSecret's database contains generic food types, popular food brands and even meals from some restaurants. While the FatSecret app also offers a barcode scanner so users can scan foods, Dario won't be integrating that in this first iteration. Every food item in FatSecret's database provides calorie, fat and carbohydrate information.

"After doing a lot of investigation of a lot of databases for food, we realized there are not too many databases that are multi-language and multi-region," Raphael said. "It means, for example, if there's a specific cereal that exists only in Israel with a specific name and branding, I will be able to find it in FatSecret's database.

LabStyle is also not integrating FatSecret's fitness tracking features with the Dario app, but LabStyle already has an integration with RunKeeper.

LabStyle Innovations' Dario is not cleared for use in the United States, but the company received CE mark certification in September 2013. In December 2013, the company said it had filed for FDA 510(k). Dario is currently available in United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.


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