Amerigroup, Voxiva enroll 100,000 members in Txt4health

By Aditi Pai
09:33 am

Txt4healthTxt4health, a text-based health program developed by Voxiva, announced that 100,000 members have enrolled in its program through Medicare and Medicaid insurance provider Amerigroup. The payor has offered the program to its members since December 2012.

The Txt4health program aims to provide patients with reminders for health exams, deliver health information, encourage users to improve their health, and help track weight as well as physical activity.

The program was created after Voxiva partnered with SafeLink Health Solutions to offer free mobile phones and messaging programs to members of Amerigroup. Through Amerigroup, Voxivia's Txt4health program is offered to Medicaid plan members in 11 states.

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"Our partnership with TracFone and the rapid growth to 100,000 users demonstrates these services are in demand and we already know through multiple independent evaluations that these types of service can improve compliance with preventive health guidelines – a major goal of the US government these proven programs can reach many more people at no cost to them and at no added cost to their health plans," Paul Meyer, Voxiva's Chairman and President said in a statement.

Amerigroup's Txt4health offering provides eligible plan members a free SafeLink phone with up to 250 minutes each month, free calls to Amerigroup's member services, and unlimited Txt4health messages. All Txt4health messages were approved prior to the partnership's launch by all of the State Medicaid Agencies in those states.

In October 2013, Voxiva announced results from a study they did with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Beacon Community program, which was established under the HITECH act and gives grants to local communities to explore health IT innovations. The study looked at three Beacon Community programs and in one of the communities surveyed 79 percent of obese users and 92 percent of overweight users set a weight goal with Txt4health. The survey also found 44 percent of enrollees opted to continue receiving messages after program completion and 85 percent said the messages are clear and easy to understand.

Another Voxiva program, called Text2Quit, which is a smoking cessation platform enrolled 75,000 users in October 2013. The platform now has users in every US state.


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