Sherpaa raises $4M, Tumblr founder invests

By Aditi Pai
12:52 pm

SherpaaNew York City-based digital healthcare service, called Sherpaa, raised $4 million, according to an SEC filing. According to a report in March from the Wall Street Journal, Tumblr Funder David Karp invested at least $500,000 in the round. This brings Sherpaa's total announced funding to $5.85 million. Existing investors include O’Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures, First Round Capital, Collaborative Fund, and angels including, ex-president of Tumblr John Maloney, and OpenX and Jirafe founder Scott Switzer.

Sherpaa aims to help employers cut their healthcare costs by making physicians virtually available to their clients' employees. Employees can use Sherpaa's app, the web, or a phone to communicate with doctors that work exclusively for Sherpaa 24-7. Using any of these platforms users can get in touch with the doctors who can answer questions about a medical issue and potentially send a prescription over the web to a local pharmacy.

Sherpaa's app also offers a virtual insurance card that they can use when visiting with a pharmacist. If an employee has a medical emergency, they can use Sherpaa doctors to schedule an appointment with a specialist in the area -- the company works with 100 doctors in New York -- to bypass a visit to the emergency room. The company also helps sort out billing issues or confusion with medical payments.

While Sherpaa is currently only offered in New York City, the company hopes to expand to San Francisco and Los Angeles next. Employers pay $50 a month for every employee and the company says that for a 10-person company the service can save them $15,000 per year, while for a 100-person company, the service can save $70,000 per year.

Sherpaa's cofounder, Jay Parkinson, was a co-founder of Hello Health, a subsidiary of Myca Health, which offers a patient management platform to physicians that includes an EHR, personal health portals, and a suite of online communication tools.