Filament Labs raises $1M for digital care plan tool

By Aditi Pai
09:52 am

Patient IOAustin, Texas-based Filament Labs raised $1 million in a round led by Mercury Fund with additional funding from Corinthian Health Services and Arcadia Home Care. The company plans to use the funds to grow its digital care plan delivery tool, Patient IO.

Corinthian Health Services and Arcadia Home Care have also signed on as customers of Patient IO. By June Filament Labs expects Patient IO to be deployed to 8,000 patients.

The product, available on iOS and Android devices, helps healthcare professionals create and deliver care plans to patients. The app turns the care plan into a list of daily tasks complete with reminders and health tracking. Physicians use a dashboard to personalize the plans, but once physicians create one for a certain condition or disease, they can make it a template and have a starting point for the next time they create a similar plan.

Healthcare providers can also use Patient IO's library of educational content, which is designed to replace brochures that providers give out to patients and caregivers. Physicians can even make their own content in Patient IO's publishing platform to send to patients.

“Mobile care plans create informed, accountable patients, contributing to improved outcomes and decreased costs for accountable health care providers. With this funding, we will continue to modernize paper-based care plan programs and bring them into the digital era through the Patient IO platform,” Filament Labs CEO Jason Bornhorst said in a statement. “Patient IO was built in close collaboration with patients and their providers—we absolutely had to build a product designed to fit within existing health care workflow.”

The program is in the cloud and can be integrated into a healthcare provider's existing software through its API program.

Filament Labs initially built a health and wellness app, called HealthSpark, in March 2013 that was for consumers. HealthSpark launched with Aetna Carepass, but shortly after Filament Labs entered the Techstars Austin program, they pivoted and launched Patient IO.