Novartis, Tictrac partner for multiple sclerosis health tracking

By Aditi Pai
09:08 am

7 day challenge novartisHealth tracking and analytics platform Tictrac has partnered with Novartis to launch an awareness campaign, called The 7-Day Challenge to Live Like You, for multiple sclerosis (MS).

"MS is a complicated disease, and one which affects many aspects of your life," Tictrac Senior Account Manager Nooreen Kara told MobiHealthNews in an email. "Whether it's stress, mood, fitness or sexual activity, Tictrac can help a person living with MS manage what can often be an unpredictable life. While Tictrac's technology can be applied to many conditions, [since] MS impacts so many aspects of a person's lifestyle, it's a natural fit for us."

The campaign prompts participants to track different aspects of their lifestyle including weight, activity, mood, and workload. This data is used to create visualizations of their day-to-day life. Participants can sync various platforms and devices with Tictrac's platform including Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Withings, Gmail, Facebook, and Runkeeper.

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Tictrac also encourages users to visit a Novartis online resource, called Living Like You. This website publishes stories and content from those who live with MS. The website provides resources for people with MS to learn more about their condition.

After the seven days, the challenge will send users an email with customized insights about their lives. Some of these insights could be that users burn more calories when they get a good night’s sleep or that their weight decreases when they are stressed. The program will not provide medical insights.

In March, Tictrac offered a while-labeled version of its product to upwave, a Turner Broadcasting System health and wellness brand. TBS shut down upwave two weeks ago and the website now directs users to Tictrac.

Tictrac also plans to announce more white-label partnerships this year.

"Our roadmap is to, one, continue developing our technology to further empower people to better manage their health and wellbeing and, two, focus on working with the right partners [to] make a material improvement in healthcare," Kara said. "For Tictrac, the future of healthcare is through empowering individuals to have more control over their wellbeing."


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