GreatCall offers seniors a waterproof emergency response device, Splash

By Brian Dolan
08:48 am

GreatCall SplashSan Diego, California-based GreatCall, which offers the Jitterbug mobile phones and service for seniors, launched two new devices this week: the GreatCall Splash and the Jitterbug5. The Splash device is a dedicated, one-button mobile personal emergency response system powered by GreatCall's 5Star mPERS offering. The small device clips onto a keychain or a purse and the company says it is waterproof: it can withstand up to 30 minutes in three of water. The Jitterbug5 is a mobile phone with a dedicated 5Star button and access to various other mobile health services from GreatCall.

“GreatCall Splash and Jitterbug5 with its dedicated 5Star connection enable our customers to do what they want, wherever they want, without worrying,” GreatCall CEO David Inns said in a statement. "[Our customers] asked for the ability to wear the GreatCall Splash in the shower and for the Jitterbug cell phone to instantly connect to our network of health and safety experts. We also responded to the requests for feature and ease-of-use upgrades and created a drop-in charging cradle and extended the battery life.

The Splash device connects users to an NAED certified response agent located in the US who will then speak to the user through the device. The Splash's GPS technology helps the responder send emergency services to the user's location and the device also is tied to the user's profile, which can include important medical information and emergency contact information for them. GreatCall launched its first generation dedicated 5Star device in 2011.

Similarly the Jitterbug5 connects to that same US-based team of responders. The phone also gives users access to a number of mobile health services powered by GreatCall, including Urgent Care (a nurse phone line), MedCoach (medication reminder service), and Link. GreatCall Link has a corresponding smartphone app for caregivers that provides them with updates about their family members' whereabouts.

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