Sponsored Post: MapMyFitness Brands Power Leading Rewards Programs

By MHN Staff
08:08 am

MapMyFitness Connect with Walgreens

Sponsored by: MapMyFitness Connect

As the leading fitness activity tracking platform, with over 25 million users and connected to over 400 devices, MapMyFitness brands (MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, MapMyRide, etc.) are now powering leading health-based rewards programs for major health insurers, retail pharmacy chains, and wellness companies.

Since the launch of MapMyFitness Connect, the platform has been used by many leading companies like Humana, Discovery, Aetna, RedBrick Health, and Walgreens to help provide healthy incentives to their members through authorized activity.

Today, Walgreen's customers can earn Balance Reward points for connecting & authorizing their MapMyFitness account and logging activity. At Humana, enrollees are choosing to live healthier while earning “Vitality Bucks” for tracking their activity through MapMyFitness which can be used towards anything from movie tickets to digital camera purchases.

These major brands have turned to MapMyFitness to ensure successful campaigns to work with a brand they can trust and that has credibility with their members. Additionally, through MapMyFitness’ verified activity feed, duplicate activity is weeded out and false data is removed insuring reliable and scalable data. MapMyFitness also supports over 400 different tracking devices and apps, so members are insured flexibility and ease of use.

As the world of mobile health data expands and becomes more complex, the MapMyFitness Connect platform is the preferred choice to major brands and healthcare companies, turning member data into actionable rewards.

Using healthy activity tracking for reward programs is a natural fit for health insurers, wellness programs, and pharmacy companies.  Fitness activity is also a great fit for reward programs from places like health clubs, grocery stores, airlines, banks, and hotels. By incentivizing healthy behavior together with a trusted fitness brand, these industries can not only increase engagement with their members, but also associate with positive activity that members enjoy.

To learn more on the MapMyFitness Connect platform, click here.


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