Sponsored Post: Why So Many Health Rewards Programs Fail

By MHN Staff
08:18 am

MapMyFitness Connect Platform for Rewards ProgramsBy MapMyFitness Connect

With so many wellness companies, health apps, and fitness tracking devices, it is difficult to determine which one is the best fit for your rewards program. Determining which “one” is the #1 reason most rewards programs fail.

Members love choices. This is not a new concept, but often a difficult task when choosing a rewards program. Members have different fitness interests and are all starting at different levels. Programs that are highly effective are those that meet the interests across a diverse member base. Limiting your connectivity to one partnered device or a few tracking apps can set your program up for failure. Open platforms like MapMyFitness Connect offer a trusted brand, large community of users, data collection via the most popular apps on iOS and Android, and support for every popular activity and fitness tracking device on the market.

MapMyFitness brands have an active opt-in membership of over 25 million. They are connected to over 400 fitness devices and continue to support upcoming devices as the market evolves.

Rewards programs fail because much like members, health partners are not sure of what they want to offer in their program. With the rapid evolution of new apps and devices, sadly, many rewards programs are out of date by the time they are launched. Offering a dynamic platform that changes with the market offers your members the ability to change their minds just as their life and interests evolve. Using an open platform also allows large diverse communities to participate together across different activities.

With reports indicating that shipped wearable fitness devices will hit 64 million by 2017 (Berg Insight) partnering with an open platform will only secure your program for growth and market change.

To learn more about MapMyFitness Connect and our open platform for your rewards program, click here.


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