Adidas announces Fit Smart wristworn activity tracker for workouts

By Aditi Pai

miCoach Fit SmartAdidas has announced its latest activity tracker, just two weeks after rumors surfaced that the device might be announced sometime this year.

The activity tracker, called the Adidas Fit Smart, tracks heart rate, calories, pace, distance, and stride rate and is designed to help athletes when they are running or training. Fit Smart records data while users work out and then the companion app suggests training plans and strategies so that users can reach their goals. Users can set weekly goals as well as longer term goals based on training plans developed by coaching service EXOS (formerly Athletes' Performance). Through EXOS, Adidas offers hundreds of training plans that are free to access for Fit Smart owners.

For athletes who want a quick view of how hard they are training while they are training, the watch also displays the user's different workout intensities in blue, green, yellow and red, as determined by the user's heart rate. 

“We are always working closely with athletes to understand their needs and, bring meaningful performance innovation that helps them be their best," Adidas GM of Digital Sports Paul Gaudio said in a statement. "...We believe FIT SMART is more than a credible and effective training tool. It is also a real difference maker for people looking to get active, and stay active – it works because it measures you, not only what you do, and the weekly goals and personalized training plans turn your workout data into action, so you can turn action into results."

Adidas expects the activity tracker to go on sale sometime this August for $199. The watch will be available exclusively at Best Buy until September.

This is Adidas' sixth connected device. The company already offers miCoach X_Cell, which measures heart rate, quickness, and playtime movements; miCoach Speed_Cell, which measures distance and speed; a heart rate monitor; Smart Run, which is a $400 stripped down smartwatch that only tracks running; and a connected soccer ball called the miCoach Smart Ball.