Sponsored Post: Branded Urgent Care Apps can Reduce the Cost of Emergency Care

By MHN Staff
09:07 am

Offer a branded urgent care app to help route your ER-bound patients to less costly healthcare options!By MobileSmith

Today, one third to one half of all Emergency Room visits are for non-urgent care – which means unnecessary hospital bills for your patients and a tremendous strain on your ER resources.

Local urgent care centers can provide much quicker and more affordable care. Patients who would typically head to their healthcare provider’s ER can benefit from handy information about the closest urgent care centers and their wait times. Especially if they can get all that from the palm of their hand! Offer a branded urgent care app to help route your ER-bound patients to less costly healthcare options!

The value is tremendous:

  • A branded app offered by your organization can become a trusted resource for your patient community. Multiple surveys show that patients trust their healthcare provider the most when it comes to mobile healthcare advice.
  • Your app can help patients find their nearest urgent care facilities, compare wait times vs. your ER, and make a win-win decision to use a more accessible and affordable care facility.
  • Once downloaded to their devices, your branded app becomes a powerful patient engagement tool. Push notifications; offer educational content; enable social sharing – boost brand awareness among your increasingly mobile-savvy patient community!

Using the MobileSmith Platform, Tanner Health System has built a beautiful urgent care app (scheduled to launch in August) that streams dynamic wait times and offers directions to all of Tanner urgent care centers. The native app was built for iPhone and Android smartphones by the marketing team, without writing a line of code.

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