Workout app maker Skimble hits 14M downloads, partners with Samsung

By Aditi Pai
10:23 am

Skimble Workout Trainer Samsung PartnershipSan Francisco-based workout training app developer Skimble announced this week that the company’s flagship app, called Workout Trainer, will be highlighted on all new Samsung Galaxy S5 and Tab S devices. The company also announced Workout Trainer has reached 14 million downloads. (Correction: Originally this article incorrectly stated the app would be preloaded on certain Samsung devices.)

The company explains the app will spotlighted in the GALAXY Gifts widget and within the "More Apps" section in Samsung's S Health app.

The Workout Trainer app has a library that includes thousands of workouts users can view as videos, photo instructions, or step-by-step audio guides. Available workouts include weight lifting, yoga, and running. Users can play music right from the app during their workouts, and after they complete a workout they can share their results on social media through the app. Skimble is looking into using Samsung Galaxy S5's built-in heart rate sensor during the app's workouts.

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The featured Samsung devices will now offer users a six-month membership to Workout Trainer's premium membership, which includes extra workout videos and training plans. The premium membership also enables users to access community forums where they can talk to trainers.

After exercising, users can integrate their workout data, including calories burned and duration of exercise, with Samsung's S Health app. With all the data Skimble has collected, the company learned over 95 percent of its users want to exercise over three days per week and nearly half of its users opt-in to receive smart reminders to stay active. Skimble also learned people prefer to use the app during lunchtime or in the evenings.

Skimble was part of Rock Health's first startup class in 2011 and the company received a seed investment of $20,000 from Rock Health at that time.

This isn't Samsung's first fitness app partnership.

Last month, Samsung partnered with another workout app maker, MapMyFitness, when it launched its new iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The new phone, called the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, has a textured shell for added grip and is also dust and water resistant. Through that partnership, users of the S5 Sport get access to 12 months of a MapMyFitness MVP membership. The MVP membership offers extra features on top of tracking fitness including customized audio coaching, training plans, and live tracking.


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