Fertility app maker Glow launches app for pregnant women

By Aditi Pai
06:00 am

Glow Nurture

Fertility tracking app maker Glow announced a new app today for pregnant women, called Glow Nurture. The app is only available on iOS, but CEO Mike Huang told MobiHealthNews an Android launch will soon follow.

"Just as people lack info or data about their own fertile health, we very much see this similar trend in pregnancy," Huang said. "The goal for Glow Nurture is: How do we equip the pregnant mother, the mother to be, with adequate info to get through three trimesters effectively?"

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The new app offers users a very similar experience to Glow. The main screen shows women a picture of a baby and the picture changes as weeks and month pass to represent the baby's growth. Women can also run through a list of questions about how they feel physically and emotionally, if they've exercised, how much weight they've gained, how much water they've had, and if they've done their kegel exercises. Glow Nurture will leverage all the information that women track to provide them with helpful insights about their pregnancy in a section called Glow Genius.

"We know that Glow users and Glow Nurture users going forward will be interacting with the app on a daily basis, multiple times a day," Glow Head of Marketing and Partnerships Jennifer Tye told MobiHealthNews. "When you’re pregnant, you’re seeing the doctor more often. I was expecting to be talking to the doctor all the time, but your appointments are once a month. And so as a pregnant woman, at least I know when I went through the experience, during the course of that month and in between monthly visits, questions come up every day."

Glow aims to answer these questions by analyzing the daily entries. Insights could include more information about pregnancy-driven anxiety disorders if the woman logs anxiety, a suggestion to eat more calcium-rich foods if her diet lacks this nutrient, and reminders to take prenatal vitamins.

If women already used Glow while conceiving, the app will also transfer relevant data from her fertility app to the pregnancy app. Glow Nurture will also provide women with the same community forums they saw in Glow, so they can still connect with the women they interacted with while conceiving. These forums will also group women by their due date so they can talk to other users who are going through similar experiences.

Women can also use the app to organize all of their appointments in one place and, similar to Glow, women who use Glow Nurture can link their account with a partner to share this information if the partner downloads the app too. Partners also get their own set of notifications and tips to support the mother-t0-be in her pregnancy including bringing her water and reminding her to take prenatal vitamins.

In the future, Huang said they plan to add integration with the wellness products that currently integrate with Glow, like Fitbit, Jawbone, and MyFitnessPal.

Glow has raised $6 million so far in venture funding and, in December, the company announced they helped 1,000 women conceive with their Glow app. Since then, the app has helped another 19,000 conceive.

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