Sponsored Post: 3 Tips for Building Great Hospital Apps for Senior Patients

By MHN Staff
07:42 am

By MobileSmith

Hospital Apps for Senior PatientsOld folks have lived for decades without mobile apps, and they sure don’t want them now. That is the perceived stereotype anyway. Yet, as the fastest growing and costliest patient demographic, seniors represent a huge market for hospital apps. Below are 3 tips to effectively engage seniors via mobile apps:

1. Design Branded Apps to Target your Senior Patients’ Needs
According to a study by the University of Waterloo, senior patients are ready to embrace health apps - they just have to see the need. At the same time, many recent studies prove that patients view their healthcare provider as the most trusted source of mobile health advice.

Branded, condition-specific apps, e.g. for diabetes, heart care, cancer care etc., can become great patient engagement and educational tools. Medication management, with daily reminders, is another area where the need for apps can be apparent to seniors.

2. Create Hospital Apps for the iPad
The iPad tablet is quickly becoming the most popular mobile device among seniors. With a bigger screen and easier operation than the smaller smartphones, iPads represent a great way to get seniors engaged in mHealth. Using the iPad canvas in the MobileSmith app development platform, you can create great-looking iPad apps for seniors. Toggle between the iPad and smartphone canvases to streamline design and user experience across platforms!

3. Incorporate Video and Social Media
59% of seniors already use social media daily; they also watch a lot of online video. With MobileSmith, plugging your app into social networks and adding streaming video playback is super easy – your senior app users will appreciate it!

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