PumpUp gets $2.4M for fitness social network app

By Aditi Pai
09:37 am

PumpUpMobile wellness social network developer PumpUp raised $2.4 million in a round led by General Catalyst Partners with additional investments from Azure Capital Partners, Relay Ventures, Freycinet Investments, and angel investors. The company plans to use the funds to hire engineers from Canada and the United States.

The app offers users a photo-based social network on which they can share photos of themselves after tough workouts, healthy meals, or other health-related activities. Users can also enter in fitness goals and track their workouts and design custom workouts. Users interact with each other in the community by commenting on each others' pictures.

“As the PumpUp community has quickly grown to over 1.7 million members, we’ve seen countless inspiring stories come to life," PumpUp Cofounder Phil Jacobson said in a statement. "From members gaining the confidence to share the very first photo of their body publicly, to members seeking support, to members simply sharing and discovering healthy meal ideas. The community we’ve cultivated is a positive, comfortable space where members come together to share, support, and motivate each other.”

Since launching its beta in December 2013, 1.7 million consumers have downloaded the app. Around 90 percent of these users are women, according to the company.

A similar social network launched in January 2014. The service, called Weilos, offeres users a picture-taking app to document weight loss through selfies. The app prompts users to take photos regularly. Weilos’ specialized in-app camera ensures that the user stands in the same position every time so they can see even small changes in the way they look. Photos can be shared privately or publicly, although whichever option the user chooses, the user can still see other photos from users who choose to publicly share in the community.


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