Qualcomm CEO confirms LifeComm shutting down

By Brian Dolan
05:46 am

Dr. Paul Jacobs, CEO, QualcommAt the recent Qualcomm Smart Services Leadership Summit, Qualcomm CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs confirmed our recent report that the company's healthcare focused MVNO LifeComm had become irrelevant. Mobihealthnews broke the news that LifeComm was shutting down two weeks ago.

"After working for a few years to get the venture capital lined up, we were hit with the economic downturn. In the meantime, operators have done these open initiatives," Jacobs told FierceWireless during an on-site interview. "Lifecomm as an MVNO became irrelevant. Events overtook it. Now we have things like the West Wireless Health Institute that is more along our lines. We are enabling things to be end to end.

"We still think this is a growth opportunity. We think wireless will be embedded in everything. I believe that vision, and the user interface will be accessible over the phone. The phone will act as a centralized server. ... Now the focus is on app-specific wireless technologies that will be integrated to the phone," Jacobs explained.

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For the entire interview with Jacobs, check out this article over at FierceWireless

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