Athos raises $12.2M for health sensing clothing

By Aditi Pai
10:23 am

Athos health sensing clothingRedwood, California-based wearable technology maker Athos raised $12.2 million in a round led by DCM, with additional funding from True Ventures, NBA team Golden State Warriors Managing Partner Joe Lacob, Golden State Warriors player Jermaine O’Neal, and existing investor The Social+Capital Partnership.

The company will use the funds to commercialize its fitness apparel line that Athos aims to release this fall. Athos' shirt offers 18 sensors. Fourteen are dedicated to electromyography (EMG) tracking, which allow athletes to understand how hard their muscles are working, if they are reaching certain muscle targets, including building, toning, and under training, and if they have muscle fatigue. Two of the remaining sensors track heart rate and heart rate variability and two track breathing patterns.

Athos also offers pants with eight EMG sensors and two heart rate sensors. A small round device fits onto the clothing and sends data from the sensors to a companion app via Bluetooth. From the app, athletes can choose training goals, for example cardio, muscle toning, and weight loss. Athletes can then use the app to check their progress throughout their workout and access past workouts that are logged and saved.

Athos is one of several health sensing clothing companies to make news recently.

In July, Sensoria Fitness, the wearable sensor company formerly known as Heapsylon, raised $5 million for its health sensing clothing line, which includes a sports bra, a T-shirt and socks.

Earlier that month, Montreal, Canada-based smart clothing maker OMsignal raised $10 million. OMsignal manufactures clothing embedded with various health sensors. The shirt captures ECG, activity, breathing patterns and “emotive” states on a continuous basis. OMsignal CEO and cofounder Stéphane Marceau told MobiHealthNews in an email at the time that the company will use some of the funds to explore partnerships with fitness and sportswear apparel companies.

Another smart shirt company from Canada, Carre Technologies, made news this year when a group of six explorers, three men and three women, embarked on a 45-day expedition in Antarctica in early February to test the company’s newest smart shirt, called Astroskin, for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). While Carre Technologies’ two shirts both measure heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, respiration volume, calories burned, and steps taken per minute, Astroskin also measures skin temperature, has a more sophisticated EKG sensor than the Hexoskin shirt, and an optical sensor that tracks blood oxygenation and blood pressure.


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