Rock Health adds Abbott, Deloitte, Blue Shield as partners, new startups to accelerator

By Jonah Comstock
06:03 am
Welkin Health Welkin Health's iOS app.

Digital health accelerator Rock Health announced this week that it has added a half dozen new startups, along with three new corporate partners that will support portfolio companies through mentorship and other forms of guidance.

Rock Health companies receive a $100,000 in investment and a variety of other perks during their stay in the program, including support from partner companies including UnitedHealthcare, the Mayo Clinic, Genentech, and Qualcomm Life. The three newest corporate partners come from different parts of the healthcare continuum: Abbott is a global healthcare company, Blue Shield of California is an independent Blue and a not-for-profit health plan, and Deloitte is a healthcare research and consultancy firm.

The accelerator released the names of six companies in the current class, but says there are eight companies total: the other two are still in stealth mode. Here are the six newest Rock Health startups. 

Accountable -- Accountable is focused on helping healthcare companies navigate HIPAA. For a price ranging from $99 to $499 per month, the company offers software, business associate agreements, and employee training. The Texas-based company is also a TechStars alum.

Acumen -- Acumen is exploring a new area of patient-generated data: video captured on a patient's smartphone. The initial use case for the technology is for parents to take video of children whom they suspect of having autism. The San Francisco-based company is currently soliciting participants for a clinical trial to validate the accuracy of its methods.

Aptible -- Aptible is also focused on HIPAA, but takes an entirely software-based approach. Rather than working with hospitals directly, Aptible will work with cloud-based software-as-a-service companies in the healthcare space, taking care of all their HIPAA needs so they can focus on solving other problems in healthcare. The San Francisco-based company is also a current member of Y Combinator.

Benchling -- Benchling makes cloud-based software for life sciences researchers, to help them collaborate on studies. Creating and documenting protocols, working with DNA, and analyzing and archiving gel images are a few of the possible use cases the San Francisco-based company lists on its website. The tool is free, with a pro version for $49.50 per user per month.

Telepharm -- MobiHealthNews wrote about Iowa-based TelePharm just last week when the company raised $2.5 million to scale its business. TelePharm connects pharmacists to one another and to patients via cloud-based mobile apps, allowing pharmacists in rural areas to work in several different retail locations in addition to doing pharmaceutical counseling for hospitals.

Welkin Health -- Welkin Health provides day-to-day behavior coaching for patients with Type 2 diabetes via a smartphone app. It connects users to human coaches, not just software and works with healthcare organizations to do so. The app is available on both iOS and Android phones.


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