14 private digital health companies shared their 2013 revenues

By Aditi Pai
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This year, on Inc Magazine's list of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies, several of the companies listed were in the digital health space. Inc created this list by measuring a private company's revenue growth between 2010 and 2013 and sorted the results by percentage. The awards mark one of the few opportunities to get a peek at a private company's revenue figures and a general idea of its growth.

Some digital health companies on the list, like Vitals and Imprivata, have made several announcements over the last few years, while others, like BestDoctors, have remained relatively quiet. These are the 14 digital health companies that Inc said have grown significantly over the past three years.

Teladoc, 2013 revenues: $20.5 million

Dallas, Texas-based Teladoc offers patients an alternative to a standard doctors visit. When a patient needs a doctor but doesn’t want to make an appointment, he or she can call Teladoc to schedule a virtual visit. The visit includes a one-on-one consultation with a doctor over phone or video chat. The company's revenue grew 348 percent, from $4.5 million in 2010. Since 2010, Teladoc has added 35 jobs and the company now employs 80 people. Company

Best Doctors, 2013 revenues: $179.9 million

Boston, Massachusetts-based Best Doctors helps employees choose the right physician. The company raised a $45.5 million round in 2013, which was one of the biggest deals for digital health that year. Best Doctors' revenue grew 91 percent in the past three years, from $94.0 million in 2010. The company also hired 285 people over the past three years, and now employs 600. Company 

Vitals, 2013 revenues: $14 million

Lyndhurst, New Jersey-based Vitals provides users with a website for reviewing and finding doctors. This year, the company landed its fourth integration deal with an appointment booking company. The most recent one was with DocASAP, but Vitals has also made deals with DrChrono, MDx Medical, and HealthPost. The company added 71 jobs over the past three years and now employs 104 people. Company

Drchrono, 2013 revenues: $2.8 million 

Mountain View, California-based drchrono offers a free, iPad-based electronic health record. The company's 2013 revenue was a 1,834 percent growth over its 2010 revenue, $148,031. In the past three years, drchrono has added 21 jobs and now employs 24 people. In December 2013, DrChrono opened a developer API, allowing anyone to build an app that interacts with its platform. Company

Imprivata, 2013 revenues: $71.1 million

Lexington, Massachusetts-based Imprivata offers two secure communication platforms. The first, called OneSign, is a single sign-on, authentication system that includes biometric identification as well as virtual desktop roaming for clinical apps. Its other major offering is Cortext, a secure communications platform for clinicians to use when collaborating with their care team. In February, Imprivata filed for an IPO. The company's revenue grew 156 percent since 2010, when its revenue was $27.7 million. Since 2010, Imprivata has steadily employed 301 people. Company

eClinicalWorks, 2013 revenues: $269.7 million

Westborough, Massachusetts-based eClinicalWorks offers a patient portal to their EMR, but in 2013 the company announced they were investing $25 million in patient engagement, including the creation of a new mobile app for patients. The app, called Healow, connects users directly to their own patient health records. The app allows users to access multiple providers’ patient portals from a single secure app; manage medications by scheduling doses, tracking pills, and requesting refills; and gain access to lab results and personal health records. eClinicalWorks' revenue grew 73 percent from its 2010 revenues $156 million. The company hired 1,800 people in the past three years and now employs 3,100. Company

Forward Health, 2013 revenues: $8.7 million

New York City-based Forward Health has developed several platforms that connect patients to each other to talk about different health conditions or issues. Some of their products include Women's Health Base, Men's Health Base, and Pregnancy Girl. The company also has condition-specific properties, including All Allergies and Diabetes Dial. The company's revenue grew 146 percent over the past three years. In 2010, their revenue was $3.5 million. Forward Health has added three jobs in recent years and now employs 6 people. Company

Entrada, 2013 revenues: $5.7 million

Brentwood, Tennessee-based Entrada has developed an app that helps physicians dictate their notes. Through the app, physicians can organize patient notes, pictures, and other information in one place, and also send that data to an electronic health record. The company's 2013 revenue figure marked a 1,628 percent growth over its 2010 revenue, $334,572. In the past three years, Entrada has also added 24 jobs and now employs 40 people. Company

GetWellNetwork, 2013 revenues: $52.1 million

Bethesda, Maryland-based GetWellNetwork offers a video service that aims to engage patients throughout their care process. The company offers videos for different patient audiences, including children, adults, and elderly. Care providers use these videos especially to help patients make care transitions. GetWellNetwork's revenue increased 248 percent from $14.9 million in 2010. The company also added 116 employees and now employs 222 people. Company

MedKeeper, 2013 revenues: $4.6 million

Westminster, Colorado-based MedKeeper develops mobile apps that offer analytics for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. The company's apps include PharmacyKeeper, which handles pharmacy operations, and DoseResponse, which helps pharmacists dose medication for patients. MedKeeper saw a 192 percent growth from its 2010 revenue, which was $1.6 million. The company added 12 employees over the past three years and now employs 30. Company

Alliance Health, 2013 revenues: $85.5 million

Salt Lake City, Utah-based Alliance Health has developed a social community for users to discuss different medical conditions and remind each other to adhere to medication regimens. The company saw a 3,490 percent growth over its 2010 revenue, $2.3 million. It also added 293 jobs and now employs 380 people. Company

CareCloud, 2013 revenues: $10.4 million

Miami, Florida-based CareCloud offers a cloud-based EHR and practice management services. The company's revenue grew 2,940 percent from its 2010 revenue, which was $343,958. Over the past three years, CareCloud has hired 193 people and now employs 262. Company

Wellcentive, 2013 revenues: $4 million

Rosewell, Georgia-based Wellcentive has developed a population management tool that uses the cloud to provide analysis. The company's revenue grew 262 percent from its 2010 revenue, which was $1.1 million. Over the past three years, Wellcentive has hired 57 people and now employs 67. Company

Affectiva, 2013 revenues: $5 million

Waltham, Massachusetts-based Affectiva, which spun out of the MIT Media Lab in 2009, has developed emotion measurement technology for advertisements and for various medical research initiatives. The company now focuses mostly on advertising, but in 2012 it developed a wristworn wearable device, the Q Sensor, which detects emotional response via the user’s skin. The sensor was used at Boston Children’s Hospital for patients with epilepsy and “hundreds” of other research groups and institutions. The company's revenue has grown 4,676 percent from its 2010 revenue, which was $105,050. Company

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