Accelerator Launchpad picks five digital health startups

By Aditi Pai
08:28 am

Sense.lySan Francisco-based accelerator Launchpad Digital Health funded its first five companies this week.

Through the accelerator, the companies receive between $200,000 and $500,000, office space in San Francisco, and advising with legal, accounting, and risk management issues. Launchpad focuses on companies that are working on wellness, remote monitoring, electronic health records, data analytics, and independent living support.

One of the cofounders of the accelerator, Fred Toney was formerly the cofounder and CFO of RxList, which was sold to WebMD, and the CFO of C8 MediSensors. The other, Ted Ridgway, was COO for KitCheck.

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Here are the five companies Launchpad Digital Health has selected.

AddApp aims to provide users with context about their daily life. The app integrates data from other apps and devices that the user owns and puts the data into context. Some examples of insights that AddApp provides includes pointing out what gives the user a good night of sleep, showing users which days they are most active, and how they can run farther.

Lyfechannel develops programs for patients who have chronic diseases. The programs are designed to help patients who were recently diagnosed with a chronic disease and need additional help as they begin their care regimen like changing eating habits or getting used to a medication regimen. The program focuses on diabetes, pre-diabetes, COPD, smoking cessation, and heart health. According to an SEC filing, Lyfechannel raised $200,000.

Medable helps healthcare professionals, like physicians and payors, make apps that connect physicians and patients, store medical information safely, and follow the appropriate regulations. Providers can also use the app they make to communicate with each other. The company has built an API so that developers can build the program on Medable's cloud platform.

QueueDr helps doctors add more appointments to their schedule if they have free time. A doctor's office will use the platform to send texts to patients telling them about an open appointment slot so that that patients can get in to see the doctor earlier. has developed a “virtual nurse” that provides follow-up care to patients, focusing mostly on those that have chronic diseases. The company offers patients an avatar that analyzes the patient's condition and provides insights into what steps patients should improve their health. Earlier this month, MobiHealthNews reported that is set to come out of beta later this year.


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