Misfit Wearables releases developer toolkit, launches with 30 partners

By Aditi Pai
05:13 am
Misfit-Beddit integration Misfit-Beddit integration

Wearable device maker Misfit Wearables released its Misfit Developer Toolkit so that other health apps and devices can integrate Misfit's data into their products. So far, more than 30 companies have partnered with Misfit to use the developer kit.

The toolkit offers Misfit's cloud API, the device's SDK, and the company's scientific library, which includes Misfit’s sensor algorithms and software analytics.

Misfit published a full list of their launch partners, but some familiar names on the list include diet tracker MyFitnessPal, running app RunKeeper, food log Lose It!, wellness tracker Azumio, and fertility tracker Glow. Prior to the release of the Misfit Developer Toolkit, Misfit had announced integration partnerships with mattress sensor startup Beddit, smartwatch maker Pebble, and just a few others.

The company also announced a separate corporate partnership program and announced Coca Cola and Walgreens as launch partners. 

Coca Cola has been working with Misfit for quite some time now -- Misfit even introduced a Coca Cola Red Shine tracker this summer. The soda company also integrated Shine into its wellness program for employees. Notably, Misfit co-founder John Sculley is a former CEO of Pepsi.

As part of Misfit's Walgreens integration, owners of Misfit Shine can now enroll in the Walgreens Balance Rewards program to earn points for rewards as they track activity. Walgreens' rewards program has added integrated activity tracking from Fitbits, iHealth devices, and Jawbone UP trackers over the years.

While Misfit's new developer program is introducing Shine to a broader audience, it's likely that Misfit might unveil another product sometime this year. Last month, Misfit hired former Apple senior engineering manager Josh Banko. Banko is now Misfit’s vice president of hardware. Banko said at the time that he plans to build out Misfit’s engineering team, specifically adding mechanical and electrical engineers, and that Misfit will have some big news by the end of the year.


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