Another Google Health app: Chief Medical Officer

By Brian Dolan
07:01 am

Google HealthThis past weekend, iPhoneDevCamp, a not-for-profit organization that gathers regularly to develop applications for iPhone and iPod Touch, highlighted two healthcare-related iPhone app prototypes called Nurse Brain and Chief Medical Officer.

Nurse Brain, which won the "Highest Potential iPhone Start-up Idea" award at the event, is a "communicator for nurses to hand-off important data about patients during shift change." The app team said it was inspired by Kaiser Innovation teams, IDEO and the nurses at Kaiser to create the application.

Another health-related app called Chief Medical Officer won the "Best iPhone Health App" category at the event. ChiefMedical Officer gives patients access to their Google Health files from their iPhone. The application aims to enable users to gather their medical records and prescriptions in one place. The app re-organizes some of the information found in Google Health to make it easier to use on the mobile platform. It also includes medical search and some geo-location services. Once completed, the group plans to release the app as an open source project.

There are already a couple of iPhone apps that allow users to connect to their Google Health accounts: The iPhone app Health Cloud leverages Google Health's API to let users access to the information they have entered into their Google Health personal health record. Like the other Google Health readers for mobile phones, however, this one only allows users to access the information in a readable format; Health Cloud does not allow you to update your Google Health record. More

Google Health back end analytics partner Anvita, formerly SafeMed, also developed an app called Mobile Viewer that lets users access information from their Google Health accounts, but the app is only available for Google-powered Android phones. More

Continue reading for a video clip of Chief Medical Officer in action:


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