Shorts: Kaiser; WSJ on Wireless Health; ANSI on RFID

By Brian Dolan
09:55 am

Kaiser Permanente's innovation centers: The Sacramento Bee has a feature on Kaiser Permanente's various innovation centers, which test a number of wireless health technologies. The San Leandro center, for example, is outfitted with patient rooms, mock-ups of workstations, operating rooms, and a "living room" that includes demonstrations of home health products.

"By 2015, the home will become the hub of care," said KP Senior Technology Manager Sean Chai. More

Wireless health feature in WSJ rehashes old news: The Wall Street Journal has a feature that highlights companies in wireless healthcare, but really just retreads old ground. The comment section, however, includes a worthwhile discussion: "In the medical system, one party is demanding services, while another is paying, while another is profiting. No technology is going to change that triangle," one reader wrote.

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"The problem is not increased cost," another wrote in. "it's increased care resulting in increase cost. Improving our health care requires constant investments in new technology to solve newly understood problems." More

ANSI approves a healthcare standard for RFID: The American National Standards Institute and the Health Industry Business Communications Council recommended that 13.56 Mhz High Frequency (HF) be adopted for healthcare item-level tagging, because its range is less likely to cause interference (EMI) with other medical devices. More


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