Bellabeat launches three connected devices for pregnant women

By Aditi Pai
09:00 am

Bellabeat ShellMountain View, California-based Bellabeat has announced three new products for expecting mothers. The products include a redesigned smartphone-enabled fetal monitor, called Bellabeat Shell, an activity tracker, called Bellabeat Leaf, and a connected scale, called Bellabeat Balance.

All three new devices are meant to not only help a woman while she is pregnant, but also transition her into life as a new mother. They are all made partially of wood to give the devices a "nature" feel.

The company's previous device, which pregnant women could use to listen to and record their babies’ heartbeat, will no longer be available. Bellabeat first launched that device after graduating from the Y Combinator accelerator in February 2014, and sold 35,000 devices.

"Now Bellabeat is launching a completely new line of products and the previous device will no longer be sold," Bellabeat COO Morena Simatic told MobiHealthNews in an email. "We have completely changed the branding, the philosophy behind the brand and the design of the products. Although Bellabeat Shell is used for the same purpose as the previous Bellabeat device (detecting and listening to your baby's heartbeat), it has many other relevant functionalities." 

Bellabeat LeafAdditional functionality includes playing music to babies and tracking their movements while they are still in the womb. Because the device can continue to track movement and play music for a baby once its born, the device also doubles as a baby monitor.

Though there are other activity trackers and connected scales on the market, Simatic said Bellabeat assembled a team of OBGYNs to work on developing software algorithms specific that will personalize the app for pregnant women.

The activity tracker, Bellabeat Leaf, is designed to tailor its insights specifically for a pregnant woman, so it will ping the user if she has been inactive for too long, didn't have a full night's sleep, or if she gets too stressed. According to the company, Bellabeat Balance is the only smart scale that not only tracks weight gain through a woman's pregnancy, but also doubles as a baby scale once the baby is born. All of the data is recorded in a companion app and based on different characteristics of a woman's pregnancy, the app will provide different insights.

Bellabeat Shell is expected to retail for $149, Bellabeat Leaf is expected to retail for $119, and Bellabeat Balance is expected to retail for $129. All devices are available for preorder on Bellabeat's website and are expected to ship in January.

"With our new line of wearables for future, expectant and new moms, we are working on raising awareness of the importance of pregnancy tracking," Simatic said. "By introducing new devices to our line of products, we are hoping to create a complete solution that will enable pregnant women to track their pregnancy in real time with a connection to their care provider. A system like this will greatly improve the quality and significantly lower the costs of prenatal healthcare."

In May 2014, Bellabeat CEO Urska Srsen told MobiHealthNews that Bellabeat had offered physician-to-patient communication on the app to three clinics in the US and one in the UK although they have not officially launched the provider-facing service yet.

Simatic said users are still able to send all the data collected in the app to their care provider and they are continuing to test physician-patient communication with those clinics. She added that the company hopes to implement a complete solution that will enable patients and doctors to monitor their pregnancy in real time by mid 2015.


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