Walgreens, WebMD integrate each other's digital health services

By Aditi Pai
07:09 am
Healthy Target WebMD Healthy Target feature

WebMD and Walgreens announced that they will each integrate some of the other's digital health services into their online and mobile offerings. Walgreens customers that have a WebMD account will now be able to refill prescriptions and make clinic appointments at Walgreens through the WebMD website or app. Walgreens digital offerings will also now include some of WebMD's health content and also help promote WebMD's app-supported healthy behavior change programs.

“WebMD is pleased to be working with Walgreens to make trusted health information and services available to consumers anywhere, anytime so they can make more informed choices and live a healthier life,” WebMD CEO David Schlange said in a statement. “WebMD and Walgreens have a shared mission to improve health and wellness by empowering decision-making and motivating positive action. Working together, we will accelerate both companies’ efforts to realize this critical goal.”

Among the WebMD virtual coaching programs Walgreens will encourage its customers to enroll in, are programs for smoking cessation, weight management, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Some health topics the collaboration will offer consumers co-branded content about, include allergy, healthy eating, skincare, fitness, emotional health, sleep, and oral health.

The companies also plan to integrate Walgreens' recently updated Balance Rewards program, which incentivizes customers with points that can be redeemable for coupons for select items at Walgreens stores, and WebMD's Healthy Target program, available on WebMD's app.

Earlier this week, WebMD announced that its Health Target feature would sync data from Apple's HealthKit platform so users who have an iPhone and use their Health app could integrate data from digital health devices and apps into the Healthy Target program.

Last month, Walgreens announced another corporate partnership, this one with activity tracker company Misfit. As part of Misfit’s Walgreens integration, owners of Misfit Shine can enroll in the Walgreens Balance Rewards program to earn points for rewards as they track activity. Walgreens’ rewards program has added integrated activity tracking from Fitbits, iHealth devices, and Jawbone UP trackers over the years.