Report: Fitbit Surge will have GPS, call notifications, heart-rate sensor

By Brian Dolan
07:12 am
Fitbit Force Fitbit Force

This week there's a new report about leaked details of an upcoming Fitbit device -- this is the third device that has leaked from Fitbit in recent weeks -- The Verge reports that the Fitbit Surge will cost about $250 and will offer GPS-enabled distance tracking, heart rate sensing, and call and text message notifications. That would make the Surge the first Fitbit with GPS and the first Fitbit to deliver on incoming call and text notifications.

The voluntarily recalled Fitbit Force was supposed to have the notifications feature but never got that promised update. The recently leaked Fitbit Charge HR reportedly will have a heart rate sensor too.

The Fitbit Surge's leaked marketing page touts GPS capabilities as its top feature: "Get distance, pace, and elevation climbed with built-in GPS, then review routes and split times," it reads. The second feature listed is "PurePulse heart rate" which Fitbit says is: "continuous, automatic wrist-based heart rate monitoring with no uncomfortable chest straps." The device can also let users control the music playing on their phone right from their wrist.

The Fitbit Surge will also reportedly have all the other tracking features that are now standard on the company's newest devices, like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, sleep quality, and silent alarm.

The Surge will also promise about two days of battery life and come in three colors: black, slate, and tangerine, according to the Verge report.


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