First patient for St. Jude Medical's wireless pacemaker

By Brian Dolan
09:34 am

A patient at St. Francis Hospital in Rosyln, New York, Carol Kasyjanski, 61, has become the first recipient of St. Jude Medical's wireless-enabled pacemaker, which the FDA approved in July. Kasyjanksi's routine check-ups are significantly shorter now because the doctor can finish about 90 percent of the work before she arrives thanks to the data transmitted from the pacemaker to its online portal.

Dr. Steven Greenberg, the director of St. Francis' Arrhythmia and Pacemaker Center, said the new technology would likely become the gold standard for pacemakers. The remote monitoring device connects to the server "at least" once a day to upload data or any alerts.

"In the future, these pacemakers may be placed not just for people with slow heartbeats. We may be monitoring high blood pressure, we may be measuring glucose, we may be monitoring heart failure," Greenberg said. "There are literally dozens of physiological parameters that now, with this wireless technology, we can leverage for the future of monitoring. So it is not just a rhythm monitor but a disease monitor."

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