Bed, Bath and Beyond stores now sell Beddit's sleep monitor

By Aditi Pai
08:28 am

BedditHelsinki-based sleep tracker company Beddit announced that its Beddit Sleep Monitor is now available in 1,000 Bed, Bath and Beyond stores across the US.

“There is a lot of excitement around wearables and tracking sensors,” Beddit CEO Lasse Leppakorpi said in a statement. “But while other devices are still in the speculative stages, we’re already manufacturing and retailing our devices around the world."

Although digital health devices have been on store shelves for years now, Bed, Bath and Beyond is one of the few non-technology focused specialty stores in the US to carry a digital health device. The sleep monitor is also available on Bed, Bath and Beyond's website.

Beddit’s sensor uses ballistocardiography to detect individual heartbeats from cardiac contraction forces and breathing rhythm from chest wall movements. The strap measures time in bed, awakenings and bed exits, sleep time, sleep latency (the time it takes to fall asleep), testing heart rate, sleep quality and breathing movements, including snoring.

From there the sensor uses Bluetooth to connect with the companion app, which offers personalized coaching, a wellness diary, historical sleep data and a social sharing option. Every morning, the app provides the user with a sleep analysis with tips on how to improve their sleep.

As part of a promotional tour for the device launch, Beddit will offer presentations to Bed, Bath and Beyond customers at the company's flagship stores in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

Earlier this summer, Beddit entred into a partnership with Misfit Wearables, the company behind the Misfit Shine and Misfit Flash activity trackers. Customers will be able to purchase a co-branded Beddit device from Misfit’s website, and the tracker will be integrated into the Misfit Shine app.

At the beginning of the year, another big name company, Sleep Number announced that it had developed a smart bed, called x12, in partnership with sleep tracker maker Bam Labs. Sleep Number’s mattress uses technology called SleepIQ to track and monitor each person’s sleep, show what kinds of comfort adjustments each person can make, and suggest changes the user can make to their daily routine. The bed also tracks each person’s average breathing rate, movement and average heart rate. Pricing for the Sleep Number bed starts at $999.98.


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