6 more crowdfunding campaigns for health tracking tools

By Aditi Pai
07:09 am

Last month, MobiHealthNews published a roundup of digital health crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. One campaign that reached its goal early, called Flaredown, aims to help people manage their chronic conditions, while another campaign that was pitching a sensor-embedded pair of shorts has only reached $15,107 of its $99,000 goal with 28 hours left.

Even though a majority of the campaigns from that roundup still have a few weeks left before they're done, several other campaigns have launched since. New campaigns include products that help people monitor their diets, track their babies' health, and analyze how their "physiological" age compares to their chronological age.

Read on for six of the latest digital health products to crowdfund their devices:



The device is a wireless sensor that monitors a baby's sleep patterns, breathing, and movement. MonBaby's device, a small button that attaches to any article of the baby's clothing, transmits data about the baby's breathing, sleeping, and movement to a companion app. Using the app parents will be able to tell whether their babies' are asleep, how well the babies are breathing, and what position the babies are in. Through the app, users can set alerts for what information they want pushed to them. For example, the app can alert parents every time their babies roll onto their stomachs. The app will also alert parents if MonBaby senses an emergency.

The campaign ended this week, but it raised $16,336 of its $15,000 goal.

iHeart Physiological Age System



iHeart's finger oximeter measures aortic stiffness, which the Indiegogo campaign explains is an indicator of the user's overall internal health. After measuring pulse for 30 seconds, the data is sent to a connected app that tells the user their "physiological" age. Then, as users adjust their health habits to eat better, workout more, and reduce stress, their physiological age will change. The device is designed to be used by people between the ages of 18 and 70.

With 51 days left, iHeart has raised $10,853 of its $25,000 goal.

Memo Box

Memo Box

Memo Box is a smart pillbox that records the time it was opened and sends this data to a companion app. If users forgot to take their medication, the app will remind the user, but the company explains that it won't send reminders unless the user forgets. Memo Box will also remind the user if they left their pills at home. The device lets caregivers or family members track if the patient has taken medication on time too.

The campaign has 41 days remaining and has raised $6,747.29 (4,224 pounds) so far.



Amiko is another tool that aims to help users remember to take their medications. So far, the device has been designed to track inhaler usage. Users stick the Amiko device onto their inhaler and then sync it to their smartphone or tablet. At that point, Amiko will track when the inhaler is used and how it is used. Amiko has lights on it that will help guide the user in keeping the inhaler at a good position while taking medication as well as inhaling and exhaling properly.

The campaign has raised $3,321 of its $50,000 goal, but the campaign has 32 days left.



Goodwell has built a connected toothbrush with a "modern aesthetic" that the company believes will last a lifetime. The toothbrush contains an accelerometer and a microcontroller to record brush movements. Data from the toothbrush is sent to a connected app, which has an expected launch date of spring 2015 although the brush is expected to ship in December.

Goodwell has raised $2,602 of its $12,500 goal and the campaign has 19 days left.


Biki food selfie tracker app

Biki, which stands for "bring insight, knowledge, innovation", aims to help people stick to their diet. From the startup's app, users can take pictures of their food to simplify tracking. The app will use the pictures to analyze the user's eating habits and send recommendations based on the user's diet. Users can also interact with others in Biki's community and share their food pictures. The app also offers recipes and a customizable grocery list.

The startup has raised $260 with 31 days left. They aim to raise $20,000.


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