RxMatch to launch hospital discharge service, raises $500,000

By Aditi Pai
08:00 am

RxMatchSan Francisco-based RxMatch, which plans to launch a post-op care platform for web and mobile devices in the next few weeks, completed a $500,000 seed round in September.

RxMatch automates medical care after a patient's appointment. The platform's 12-week program helps patients with their post-surgery care. All of the follow-up care on the platform is organized by a health coach. The health coach will use text messages, push notifications, and alerts from the native app to provide patients with information about their care routine. Health coaches can also use text message surveys to gather information about the patient, like their pain level on a scale of 0 to 5. In the RxMatch online learning center, patients can learn more about recovery from content that health coaches push to them.

For small and medium-sized provider groups, RxMatch will employ the health coaches to manage the programs, the company explains. In larger institutions, though, because there are already health coaches on staff, RxMatch just provides the program for these health coaches to use.

At the moment the program is designed to help patients with post surgical back recovery, general orthopedic, heart patients and also patients with chronic back pain who have not yet undergone surgery. The company plans to expand the program to include obesity, pain management, mental health, and OB-GYN.

RxMatch also offers a white-label version to self-insured companies and providers. This program provides patients with access to health coaches and a community of patients to share with and learn from. So far, providers using RxMatch's white-label service include Kaiser Permanente and Alvarado Hospital Medical Center. The company has a total of 25 providers on the platform.


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