Notes from the Clinic: Blausen Human Atlas App

By Brian Dolan

3D human figure

The 3D human figure rotates 360 degrees and you are able to zoom in and out. You can choose to view the human body based on different systems, the below picture has the digestive system selected. If you want to show your patient the pancreas you can rotate this image 180 degrees. Other systems you can choose include circulatory, digestive, immune, muscular, nervous, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary. Although we like this function, we found the images available through the glossary to be more detailed and helpful for patient explanation. Also, when you maximize on the zoom the anatomy is not as clear. In a clinic setting it would be better to use the detailed pictures in explaining key anatomy, and then use the 3D figure to show how the anatomy is connected with the rest of the body.

Blausen Human Atlas Screenshot 2