Notes from the Clinic: Blausen Human Atlas App

By Brian Dolan

Medical Glossary

The medical glossary can be accessed through an unnamed tab located on the right side when the Atlas is opened. The medical glossary has a search function and contains simple medical definitions as well as complex procedures. Our experiences with the glossary yielded mixed results. We liked how when we searched for "prostate", the results show not only medical conditions (enlarged prostate, prostate cancer) but also show procedures (prostatectomy).

Blausen Human Atlas Screenshot 3

Blausen Human Atlas Screenshot 4

The results show related medical terms and videos. As you can see in the above picture, once a medical term is selected related pictures appear. Video results for the above search include a video on Prostate cancer and Prostate removal. However, when we searched for acute lymphocyte leukemia (ALL), only one image appeared, yet there is a nice video on ALL in the video library of this application. Overall, we found the medical glossary to be a great feature that usually delivered excellent detailed images and videos related to the topic of interest.