Notes from the Clinic: Blausen Human Atlas App

By Brian Dolan


The video section is where this application truly shines. Videos can be accessed not only through the glossary's search results, but also through a separate video toolbar available when the Human Atlas is opened. WiFi, 3G, or EDGE is required to view the videos. The below picture shows a few of the video categories. The different categories are cancer, circulatory, digestive, ear, endocrine, eye, immune, muscular, nervous, pediatric, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, skin, and urinary. All the main specialties are covered.

Blausen Human Atlas Screenshot 6

Within each category are a number of related videos that last approximately one to three minutes and include an audio explanation that is in sync with the video. In the circulatory section, video topics range from explaining heart bypass surgery to how the valves in your heart work. This type of diversity of topics is found in every video section. You can get a better idea of how the videos look in the following link provided by the company. Once your selected video ends, the application shows your related videos, definitions, and slides. You can see this in the below picture after viewing a video on appendicitis.

Blausen Human Atlas Screenshot 7