Fitlinxx unveils AmpStrip, a direct-to-consumer heart rate patch

By Aditi Pai
12:00 pm

AmpStripShelton, Connecticut-based Fitlinxx, maker of the B-to-B activity tracker Pebble, has announced its newest device, a bandaid-like heart rate tracker, called AmpStrip. This is Fitlinxx's first direct-to-consumer device.

The sensor is a small patch that the user sticks on their torso. It tracks heart rate, calories burned, respiration, body temperature, and posture. AmpStrip will last between three and seven days before the adhesive portion will need to be replaced, but the rechargeable battery on the device will last for more than seven days and charges in two to three hours. The device will sync via Bluetooth to a companion app, which will be available on both iOS and Android devices when AmpStrip launches early next year.

The device is meant to be worn during workouts, swim sets, showers, and while sleeping.

“Fitness enthusiasts can lose the chest strap and wristband, staying focused on improving performance while AmpStrip works automatically to provide the information that will help them best reach their goals,” Fitlinxx CEO Dave Monahan said in a statement.

Fitlinxx will launch a public beta for the tracker after CES 2015. While Fitlinxx has not yet finalized a price for the device, the company said it anticipates AmpStrip will be competitively priced to other heart rate training tools in the market.

In the past few months, several activity tracker makers announced new devices with heart rate tracking features. Intel's Basis announced Basis Peak, priced at $199; Fitbit announced Charge HR and Surge, which will cost $149.95 and $249.95 respectively; and Jawbone's new activity tracker, called UP3, will cost $179.99.

In June, Fitlinxx released a new version of its Pebble activity tracker, which lengthened the battery life and added smartphone syncing for the first time.


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