Samsung offers up Simband device spec, Digital Health Platform to developers

By Aditi Pai
07:43 am

Samsng Health SDKAt the Samsung Developer's conference this week, Samsung released the reference design for its wristworn wearable, called Simband, to developers. The company first revealed plans for Simband in May at Samsung's Voice of the Body event.

Samsung has embedded several sensors into the Simband, which looks like Samsung's previously launched smartwatches, but the reference design will help developers make their own sensor modules for the device.

The company also announced its new developer platform and SDK, simply called the Samsung Digital Health Platform. The platform will integrate health data from Samsung's cloud server, S-cloud.

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"You can develop your own algorithms, your own sensor, completely from scratch," Samsung's VP of Digital Health Ram Fish said at the event this week.

When Samsung initially announced the Simband, the company explained that the device would offer a photoplethysmogram, a sensor that will shine light on your skin to measure changes in blood flow; an electrocardiogram (ECG); bioimpedance, a measure of body composition which could monitor everything from blood flow to body fat; galvanic skin response, which tracks the electrical conductivity of the skin; and temperature.