Samsung reveals 24 digital health partners including Aetna, Cigna, Humana, WellDoc

By Brian Dolan
07:21 am

SamsungWellDocAt the Samsung Developer Conference this week in San Francisco, the South Korean consumer electronics giant revealed much more about its digital health plans, including the names of 24 partners it has been working with -- a dozen commercial partners and a dozen research partners.

Samsung's commercial partners for digital health currently include Nike, Aetna, Cigna, Cleveland Clinic, dacadoo, Edamam, Humana, Fitbug, Lark, Merck, Preventice, Skimble, WellDoc, and Your.MD. Samsung's research partners include UCSF, imec, Bloom Technologies, EarlySense, Elfi Tech, Stanford University, LifeBeam, Sensifree, SleepRate, and uptick. While Kaiser Permanente wasn't listed as an official partner by Samsung, Kaiser Permanente CMIO Dr. Jon Mattison was one of they keynotes at the event.

While longtime Apple partner Nike was listed prominently as a Samsung commercial partner, Apple's other key HealthKit launch partners the Mayo Clinic and Epic Systems were not among those listed as Samsung digital health partners. 

Samsung has branded its version of HealthKit as, simply, The Samsung Digital Health Platform. According to the company, it "collects and integrates health information from consumer's smartphones and other personal health devices... [and] the platform also provides easy to use features in a mobile dashboard to help make health improvement an engaging part of everyday life."

While the details of how Samsung is partnering with each of the above companies are still relatively scant, Samsung and WellDoc sent out a joint statement today that shed a little more light on their "multi-stage collaboration effort."

By combining WellDoc's mobile-enabled, prescribable and reimbursable diabetes management program, BlueStar, with Samsung's new digital health platform, the two companies believe both their offerings will better help those living with type 2 diabetes. The collaboration also sees WellDoc and Samsung jointly exploring "next generation diabetes devices and product offerings."

"Samsung devices are an integral part of daily life for millions of people around the world, including those living with diabetes. At WellDoc, our mission is to support those individuals with personalized, real-time, and contextual guidance to enhance their clinical outcomes and quality of life," Ryan Sysko, CEO of WellDoc said in a statement. "This collaboration combines the strengths of two leaders in their respective fields in an effort to make a positive impact on the global diabetes epidemic."