Glow adds postpartum-focused tracking to its pregnancy app

By Aditi Pai
04:29 am

Glow NurtureFertility tracking app maker Glow has added a new feature to its app for pregnant women, called Glow Nurture. The app will now offer postpartum support.

The postpartum period refers to the time immediately after the birth of a child and lasts for about six weeks. According to Glow, the emphasis during this time is generally on the baby, but the mother is also recovering. Postpartum depression affects 10 to 20 percent of women, the company said, but resources for women during postpartum are lacking.

“The expectation is that having a baby is supposed to be a happy time in your life, so if depression or anxiety occur, it can cause guilt and isolation in new moms, compounded by the fact that it’s not a topic that is openly discussed," Glow Head of Marketing and Partnerships Jennifer Tye said in a statement. "We truly believe postpartum information within Nurture can provide an avenue for new moms to better understand this period and as such, seek medical attention and support if needed.  The focus is pointed so much toward the new bundle of joy, that sometimes the mom is overlooked.  Both need to be happy and healthy in this early stage." 

With the addition of the postpartum support, Glow's pregnancy app will now offer a breastfeeding log -- breastfeeding affects nutrition and sleep cycles, which contributes to postpartum depression -- as well as insights that Glow aggregated from medical journals and its medical advisory board. The app will also offer curated articles for new mothers to read about pospartum and a daily log that mothers can use to track their symptoms and feelings.

Glow Nurture, which the company launched in July, already offers several other pregnancy tracking tools. The main screen shows women a picture of a baby and the picture changes as weeks and months pass to represent the baby’s growth. Women can also run through a list of questions about how they feel physically and emotionally, if they’ve exercised, how much weight they’ve gained, how much water they’ve had, and if they’ve done their kegel exercises. Glow Nurture will leverage all the information that women track to provide them with helpful insights about their pregnancy in a section called Glow Genius.


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