Kinsa's FDA-cleared, smartphone-connected thermometer now at CVS, Apple stores

By Aditi Pai
06:14 am

Kinsa ThermometerNew York City-based Kinsa Health has announced that its FDA-cleared smartphone-connected thermometer is now available at CVS and Apple Stores across the US as well as online at Amazon,, and Kinsa's website.

Kinsa's thermometer, which was cleared in January, connects to a smartphone via the headphone jack. The thermometer can be used orally, under-arm, or rectally. Data from the device is sent to a companion app, which records the user's temperature, when the temperature was taken, and other data about how the user is feeling. For children, the app also uses the smartphone's display screen to offer animated visuals throughout a temperature reading in order to calm, distract, and engage kids. 

While Kinsa charged its private beta users a $14.99 price point for its device in the spring, it is retailing for $29.99.

The company also hopes to use the thermometer as an entry point to create a realtime health map that tracks the spread of disease. The app will supplement the data it generates with public third party data, like data from the CDC, and data from private data partners.

As Kinsa is just now launching in Apple's online and brick and mortar stores, another digital health company, Fitbit has recently been taken out. As early as November, Apple pulled Fitbit products from its online store, although other trackers including Jawbone, Withings, and iHealth are still listed. This move was likely linked to Fitbit’s recent resistance to integrate its app with Apple's HealthKit platform.

Kinsa has also not yet integrated with HealthKit -- according to MobiHealthNews' recent analysis there are no connected thermometers currently integrated with HealthKit, even though Apple has made "temperature" one of its HealthKit metrics. Kinsa CEO Inder Singh told MobiHealthNews in an email that the company plans to.

"We are eager to integrate with HealthKit," Singh said. "Our plan is to integrate early next year, pending some further inputs related to medical device regulations."


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