Medication reminder GlowCap goes direct-to-consumer

By Brian Dolan
05:30 am

Vitality's GlowCapsCambridge, Massachusetts-based Vitality announced the commercial availability of its wireless Internet-enabled pill caps product, GlowCaps, which fit popular prescription bottles and help remind people to take their medications on time. GlowCaps are now available on for $99.

As the name suggests, GlowCaps use light and sound to signal when it is time to take medications, the product also records when a pill bottle is opened and then wirelessly relays this information into an online adherence reports. The patient, their caregivers and doctors can receive a weekly adherence report email.

If a person fails to take their medication on time, the GlowCap will call the individual to remind them. The intelligent pillbox cap also connects the patient to their pharmacy once the pills are running low.

According to the company, Harvard Medical School, Duke Business School, and a number of "major pharmaceutical companies" are running randomized controlled trials to quantify the impact of GlowCaps on specific populations, conditions and therapies.

For more on Vitality's GlowCaps, read the company's press release here


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