Gamgee raises $4M for 22otters, HerStory patient engagement apps

By Aditi Pai

22OttersSan Mateo, California-based Gamgee raised $4 million in a mix of equity and debt for its suite of patient engagement apps, according to an SEC filing. This brings the company's total funding to at least $6 million.

Existing investor Vinod Khosla was listed on the SEC document alongside Gamgee CEO and former Epocrates CTO Bob Quinn. The document also says there were a total of three investors that contributed to the round. Quinn was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Khosla Ventures from June 2012 to January 2013.

Gamgee offerings that are currently in the market include GW MFA Voice, 22otters, and HerStory. GW MFA Voice helps users prep for their appointment at George Washington Medical Faculty Associate and 22Otters helps users prep for a colonoscopy. In both apps, patients can preview a checklist of steps they need to complete and, for 22otters, the app also displays voice coaching, graphics, and animations that make colonoscopy prep steps easy to follow. Providers can customize the instructions and checklists in the app for their patients. 

HerStory, which was launched under the 22otters brand, which Gamgee appears to be building as a separate entity, is a forum for women with health issues to share their stories. The forum currently offers discussions for two health issues: breast cancer and mastectomy. In the app, users can record their story with their own voice, or if the user wants to remain anonymous, the app will re-record the user's story in someone else's voice.

In May, Gamgee presented an abstract about a pilot it was launching for the 22otters app. The goal of the pilot is to determine the effectiveness of using a virtual mobile health coach when prepping for a colonoscopy and if this prep improves the detection of potentially cancerous polyps. The pilot is led by Dr. Neal Sikka, an associate professor of emergency medicine at George Washington University and CMO of 22otters. Quinn is also listed as a researcher in the pilot.