Verizon Wireless promotes its mobile health apps

By Brian Dolan
07:04 am

The Pill BookVerizon Wireless recently sent out a press release promoting their mobile health and fitness applications, some of which have been around for a number of years: Bones in Motion, Diet Fitness Diary, The Pill Phone, Healthy Body and Howcast. The applications are available for select Verizon Wireless phones and can be downloaded directly to the phone via the Media Center/Get It Now portal.

Unlike most iPhone, Palm Pre or Google Android health apps, Verizon Wireless' apps cost upwards of $5.99 per month in subscription fees. That said, the carrier's announcement about these tools, which could help Verizon Wireless' 87.7 million customers better manage their health and fitness, serves as a reminder that the wireless health opportunity isn't just for smartphones. At these prices, however, it may as well be.

Here's a quick rundown of the health and fitness applications Verizon Wireless recently promoted:

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Bones in Motion records running, cycling and walking activities using GPS with maps, speed, distance, elevation, splits and calories. Save activities to a personal Web journal to view and share with friends. View local weather and current location. BiM has been available on Verizon Wireless since 2006. (Monthly subscription fee of $5.99)

Diet Fitness Diary offers Calorie, Fat and Protein Counters that cover more than 500 food items; a Burn Meter containing more than 40 exercises; and a Body Mass Index tool. The diary also provides a cumulative summary of calorie intake and exercise for the previous three days. (Monthly subscription fee of $2.49)

The Pill Phone provides critical information on a wide range of medications, including indications, dosing, side effects, drug interactions, and photos of medications. The Pill Phone also has the Medication Reminder feature, which allows for the scheduling of automatic reminders to ensure that doses are taken at the appropriate times. The Pill Phone has been available to Verizon Wireless subscribers since early 2006. (Monthly subscription fee of $3.99)

Healthy Body by AMA is an interactive guide where customers can work on getting a healthy body through diet and exercise. Healthy Body by AMA offers diet quizzes and ways to work towards a healthy body with a personalized plan. (Monthly subscription fee of $3.99)

Howcast is a channel available on V CAST Video on Demand where customers can watch "how-to" videos. Howcast offers health and beauty tips through videos on V CAST Video-capable phones. The Howcast Channel can be found in the Information category in V CAST Video.


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