Rise raises $1 million for mobile-enabled dietitian coaching service

By Aditi Pai
09:18 am

RiseNutrition coaching app maker Rise has raised $1 million from existing investors Cowboy Ventures and Floodgate. This brings the company's total funding to at least $3.3 million.

Rise offers users a nutrition coaching system to help them lose weight and make positive lifestyle choices. Users are prompted to take a picture of their food so the coach, a registered dietitian, can see what they are eating and provide assistance. The dietitian also provides daily feedback and tips to stay healthy. Rise's service costs $10 per week.

Rise CEO Suneel Gupta said that since launching, the company has matched thousands of people to dietians and Rise now has the largest network of publicly available registered dietitians. He explained that the larger ones out there are private networks, like Kaiser Pernamente's.

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Rise users have logged 300,000 meals and received 200,000 coach comments since its launch in February. According to the company, the average user opened the app 25 to 30 times per week. Gupta said that Rise's app has high engagement, in part, because the app matches users to the right dietitian.

"For example, a pilot user who is a hispanic woman in Texas had a couple kids and was diagnosed with diabetes," Gupta said. "She wanted to lose weight and had been trying different things in her local area and actually joined Weight Watchers as well, but wasn't finding much success. When she joined Rise, we ended up matching her to another hispanic mother, a registered dietitian, based in Los Angeles. The two of them ended up creating this highly empathetic relationship that wasn't just grounded in diet. But it was about lifestyle. It was about being a mother. It was about being hispanic. And all of that attributed to us bringing her back down to her pre-baby weight within several months."

Gupta also said that there is a level of accountability that Rise provides for users.

"You aren't used to an expert talking to you every single day and you're not used to being in touch with your doctor every single day," he said. "But in this case, because right now it's a mobile-based mechanism your coach is interacting with you most days of the week and the feeling, even psychologically that you have, is that your coach is always with you. So the accountability that we see from something like this is much higher than the accountability we see from other programs out there."

Rise also announced that it now pulls data from HealthKit. When users choose to integrate their Rise app with HealthKit, their coach can see all the data that users are collecting through other apps and devices and can use that information to help coach them more effectively.


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