Round-up: Stimulus, Glenn Close, Stutters

By Brian Dolan

Mobile Medical LabHere's a quick round-up of mHealth news from other media sources...

> This Houston Chronicle editorial urges lawmakers to include mHealth funding in the stimulus package: "Imagine, for example, that your mobile phone concealed a pill dispenser programmed by your physician's prescription and it reminded you to take your medicines at the right time (and nagged you when you didn't.)" Article

> CNN reports on a UCLA professor who turned a Sony Ericsson cell phone into a mobile medical lab that could analyze blood for malaria, AIDs or anemia some day. Article

> GWU Professor Craig Lefebvre has written up a succinct but very comprehensive digest of the mHealth side of TEPR+ last week. Article

> Medgadget has the scoop on the new Epocrates Essential iPhone app. Article

> Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Colorado enables members to search for providers via their mobile phones. Release

> This Sacramento Bee article from last week explains how "doctors are reinventing the house call" thanks to mobile phones. Article

> The 3G Doctor blog points us to an article that uses an iPhone application to help people correct their speech stutters. Article

> Actress Glenn Close's father dies at the age of 84. Dr. William T. Close helped curb the spread of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Zaire in 1976 with the help of "one of the earliest mobile phones, 'so heavy it had to be carried by someone,'" according to the New York Times. Article