Dexcom demos continuous glucose monitor readings on Apple Watch

By Aditi Pai
06:31 am

Dexcom ShareAt CES 2015, continuous glucose monitor (CGM) maker Dexcom presented a demo of what Dexcom's CGM readings would look like on the Apple Watch, according to a report from diaTribe.

The app interface will look similar to the Dexcom Share app, the company's FDA-cleared app that syncs with a hub to collect glucose readings. And data sent to the Apple Watch would also be available via Apple's HealthKit platform so that other health apps and devices can use the data. Dexcom said the company aims to submit an FDA 510(k) application this year. 

Dexcom announced the FDA clearance for its other smartphone-connected CGM offering, Dexcom Share, in October. The product is a cradle device that will allow users to send data from a Dexcom CGM to multiple smartphones. The system is designed to help parents and caregivers remotely track the glucose of a child, elderly parent, or spouse when the diabetes patient is at home or stationary.

Apple's consumer app Health does not currently include glucose tracking -- the company removed the metric from Health in October because the app only offered one unit of measurement for blood glucose, mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter), even though many countries use another measure, mmol/L (millimoles per liter). But, Apple added glucose tracking back into the developer platform, HealthKit for beta testers of the iOS 8.2 software in December 2014.

Dexcom has been interested in syncing its device with Apple's HealthKit since at least September 2014. Dexcom said at the time that the company was in the process of working with Apple and the FDA to integrate with HealthKit. They had started a trial at Stanford with two patients to test it.


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