Employer clinic company Crossover Health raises $15M for digital health-enabled care

By Aditi Pai
08:41 am

CrossoverHealth CrossoverOneAliso Viejo, California-based healthcare provider Crossover Health raised $15 million from Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) to enhance its patient-facing tools, which include an iPhone app, and create a population health analytics offering. Crossover focuses on providing on-site care to large employers.

The company's patient-facing app, called Crossover One, allows patients to communicate with their physician and extended care team, schedule appointments, view lab results, request medication refills, securely message their care team, and review their own health data. Crossover offers a native iPhone app and mobile web versions of Crossover One.

Crossover Health, which was founded in 2010, offers employers on-site or nearby clinics so that employees will be able to visit a conveniently located healthcare center. Smaller companies can join together to set up a near site clinic, while larger companies are more likely to set up an on-site clinic.

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"We have tracked this area for some time," Norwest Venture Partners Partner Dr. Ryan Harris said in a statement. "Crossover stood out not only for its exceptional approach to care and its impressive client list, but also for how it integrates new digital health technologies into the overall patient care experience. We see Crossover as both the leader in creating meaningful primary care relationships and also as an ideal platform for many of the health technology companies in our current portfolio."

Crossover offers primacy care services, including urgent care, preventive care, chronic disease management, and occupational health; ancillary services, like health risk assessments, health coaching, biometric screenings, physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture; and some more advanced services like care coordination, remote care, and health analytics.

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