Jawbone starts selling partners' devices, apps in new online marketplace

By Aditi Pai
11:32 am

Jawbone MarketplaceJawbone, maker of the Jawbone UP activity tracker, has launched an online marketplace for some of the apps and devices that connect to the company's UP tracker. None of the devices require an UP for use, however.

At launch the marketplace is selling six devices and five apps.

"Members of the UP community are currently able to connect their UP accounts to dozens of devices and partner apps that enhance their UP experience," Jawbone VP of Ecommerce Matthias Schaefer wrote in a blog post. "Today, we’re excited to take that offering to the next level by launching our very own online Marketplace...The new Jawbone Marketplace lets you unlock the best of UP with a curated selection of devices and apps to put you on a path to a better you – whether that means moving more, eating better, improving your sleep, or creating a more streamlined home through automation." 

Currently, in the fitness section of the marketplace, users can get four apps: Fitocracy, FitStar Premium, Kiqplan Slim and Trim, and MapMyFitness MVP. The food section offers Orange Chef Prep Pad, a food scale, and a LoseIt! bodyweight scale. Other sections include smart home devices from Nest and SmartThings and personal training devices that include fitness apps as well as sleep apps.

Online shoppers can buy the devices directly from the Jawbone marketplace, and most of the apps offer premium services via paid subscriptions, which are also for sale right from the marketplace.

Earlier this week, MobiHealthNews reported that Jawbone now refers to its wearable as a “24-hour context engine” since users are “engaged” with their UP device for about 23 hours a day, which the company likes to point out is much more than Facebook’s 15 minutes a day.

Jawbone has made a series of announcements in the past year that focus on correlations between activity and other aspects of a user's lifestyle.

In March 2014, Jawbone launched an app with a different take on sleep tracking. The app, UP Coffee, helps users regulate their caffeine intake and understand how caffeine affects their sleep. While the app is open for anyone to download, not just owners of a Jawbone UP wristband, if the user owns the UP or UP24, he or she can also sync UP Coffee with that device.

A few months later, Jawbone partnered with smart driving app Automatic, which is also listed in Jawbone's marketplace, so that people with a Jawbone tracker and the Automatic app can integrate their driving data into Jawbone's app so that it appears alongside their physical activity log. If users miss their target step count for the day, the app might suggest that it was because they drove more than was necessary that day. Users will also be able to tap on a “drive” to view the number of steps they could have walked instead.

Last month, Jawbone launched an employee wellness program, called Up for Groups, which is designed for any group with 10 or more participants. As participants, or employees, in a group work on improving their sleep and activity levels, the group-assigned “administrators” can view their progress via a dashboard that displays data from the past day, week, or month. From there, administrators can use their dashboard send messages and nudges to the participants’ in-app feeds.


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