Glow's pregnancy app now helps women who have had miscarriages

By Aditi Pai
09:43 am

Glow NurtureSan Francisco-based Glow, which develops digital health tools for women, has added a new feature to its pregnancy app, Glow Nurture, that helps women who have had a miscarriage.

"Having a miscarriage is a devastating experience," Glow wrote on its App Store description. "... Nurture 2.0 now contains a healing path for any user who experiences this significant loss."

The new feature includes curated articles about miscarriage, insights from "trusted sources", and a daily log. Glow will also offer a forum where Glow Nurture users can speak with and listen to a community of women who had miscarriages and want to share their experiences.

"Glow’s founding mission has always been to cast light on the disquieting parts of a woman’s reproductive journey," Glow said. "Today, we have gladly taken one more step on that path."

Glow's other app is also set to get similar features soon. In Glow's FAQ, the company said its period tracking app, also called Glow, which helps women conceive, will give users the option to hit the reset button and start again from her next cycle. Or the app will ask whether she wants to receive "insights and tasks that are more in tune with [her] miscarriage and hint at gentle ways to minimize [her] risks." Glow, however, notes that for most miscarriages, nothing can be done to prevent them. 

A few months ago, Glow Nurture added postpartum support. With the addition of this feature, Glow Nurture, which launched in July 2014, began offering a breastfeeding log — breastfeeding affects nutrition and sleep cycles, which contributes to postpartum depression — as well as insights that Glow aggregated from medical journals and its medical advisory board. The app also started offering curated articles for new mothers to read about pospartum and a daily log that mothers can use to track their symptoms and feelings.

And last month, Glow integrated Walgreens’ Prescription Refill API into its period tracking app so that users can refill their birth control prescriptions directly from their Android or iOS app. Glow initially designed this app for women who want to get pregnant, but expanded soon after to include women who are not trying to conceive, but want to track their periods.


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