Webinar today: Texting for health, patient engagement and communication strategies

By Brian Dolan
06:52 am

Brian Dolan - MobiHealthNews Editor-in-ChiefThis afternoon -- in about two hours time -- MobiHealthNews will kick off our February webinar, Texting for Health: A proven patient engagement and communication strategy, at 2PM ET.

More than any other digital channel, text messaging is a proven way to improve patient engagement and health outcomes while remaining cost-effective for healthcare providers. From appointment reminders, to general behavior change and managing chronic health conditions, studies increasingly show that text messaging is an effective tool for engaging patients. By communicating with people on an intimate channel, text messaging empowers individuals to actively participate in their personal wellness.

During today's webinar, we’ll review some of the key data and studies supporting text messaging for patient engagement and explore a number of case studies that proves the success in using SMS to improve health outcomes. We'll also take questions from attendees following the presentations.

If you're not one of the nearly 1,000 registered attendees, there's still time to join in on the discussion. Sign up right here -- it's free and we'll see you later this afternoon!


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