With an eye on clinicians, Atheer Labs raises $8.8M for augmented reality glasses

By Aditi Pai
09:06 am

Atheer LabsMountain View, California-based Atheer Labs, maker of an augmented reality headset that it is working to get into the hands of clinicians (among others), raised $8.8 million in equity, options, and securities, according to an SEC filing.

Streamlined Ventures Founder Ullas Naik was listed on the SEC filing, though he is not listed on Atheer Labs' board or among its advisors. This suggests Streamlined Ventures may have invested in this round. Atheer Labs CEO Alberto Torres was the former SVP of mobility for Hewlett-Packard.

Atheer Labs has developed an augmented interactive reality, or AiR, platform. The company's gesture-controlled platform includes a pair of smart glasses, called Atheer AiR DK2, which is powered by its software program, called Air OS. While wearing the glasses, users can view information overlaid onto the real world. They can then interact with the virtual data "in a natural way," the company explains.

One of the company's suggested use cases for this technology is healthcare. 

"Whether the clinician is in the operating room or providing bedside care, having quick access to medical records and vitals without turning away from the patient helps increase care quality," Atheer Labs explains. "Nurses can view medical data from a wide range of monitoring devices, on the go, helping them properly respond to any medical situation."

Other use cases include construction, warehousing, and oil and gas.

In December 2013, Atheer launched an Indiegogo campaign for augmented reality glasses, called Atheer One, which were targeted at consumers. The campaign raised over $200,000, but in July 2014, Atheer canceled development of the direct to consumer glasses to focus on its enterprise version. While the price for the B2B augmented reality glasses are not yet available, the direct to consumer version was expected to retail for $350.

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