Humana integrates Weight Watchers into HumanaVitality, other programs

By Aditi Pai
08:00 am

HumanaVitalityHumana has partnered with Weight Watchers to integrate the weight loss program into various services for members, including its HumanaVitality wellness platform. Humana will make the program available to its members in qualified employer-sponsored health plans.

“We want to help employers find effective ways to battle obesity, improve the overall wellness of their employees and create healthy communities,” Beth Bierbower, president of Humana’s employer group segment, said in a statement. “With that in mind, partnering with Weight Watchers just made sense – it allows us to connect our members with a leading weight loss program so that they can better navigate their wellness journeys.”

Eligible members will have free access to Weight Watchers for the first six months and after this period of time, they will receive a subsidized membership through an integrated wellness program built into their health plan. Humana said members will be able to access the Weight Watchers program through Humana’s disease management programs, health coaches, personal nurses, and HumanaVitality, Humana's health tracking platform that launched iOS and Android apps last year.

When employees tell the HumanaVitality app that one of their goals is to lose weight, the app will then present them with the Weight Watchers program and encourage them to try it out. 

"Of course, members will then earn HumanaVitality Points as they achieve their weight loss goals," Bierbower told MobiHealthNews. "We’re working on further integrating Weight Watchers into HumanaVitality in the near future by awarding HumanaVitality Points for activity within Weight Watchers itself; awarding points for logging food or attending meetings for example."

HumanaVitality already syncs several health tracking metrics into its app from other devices -- the app integrates with Withings, Fitbit, Misfit, Strava, and Moves. The app will also offer health assessments that help users learn their “Vitality Age”. HumanaVitality developed the “Vitality Age” to show users a representation of their risk-adjusted age. The new number is meant to teach members how their current behaviors are impacting their health.

Humana acquired Boston-based Healthrageous in 2013 to build out some of its Vitality platform features.

Humana members can now choose to follow a Weight Watchers OnlinePlus plan or attend Weight Watchers meetings, which offer face-to-face support. The Weight Watchers OnlinePlus plans offer 24-7 chat support and access to all the digital tools and apps that Weight watchers offers.


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