Elli Health raises $774K for symptom checker, virtual visit service

By Aditi Pai
08:58 am

Doctor ReportDelafield, Wisconsin-based Elli Health raised $774,000 in a mix of equity and options for its virtual visits offering, according to an SEC filing. This brings the company's funding to at least $900,000 to date.

The company's CEO and cofounder, Jay Mason, previously founded appointment booking service MyHealthDirect, which raised $8 million last October. Mason still serves on that company's board.

Elli describes its offering like so: 

"Unlike traditional symptom checkers which feature a fixed set of questions, Elli is an interactive experience that will uniquely tailor questions in real-time according to how you describe your symptoms. And unlike traditional telehealth services, you don’t need to video or voice chat with a clinician – which means you can use Elli anywhere and any time. There’s no need to find a quiet or private space just to chat with your doctor. With your permission, Elli reads your clinical record and health risk assessment first so we start our interaction fully informed of you, your history and conditions and preferences," the company writes.

Once users have answered the checker's questions, the information is sent to an Elli clinician who will then create a treatment plan, including a prescription if appropriate. If the clinician thinks the condition should be treated with an office visit or if a follow up office visit is necessary, Elli Health will help the patient schedule an appointment with the most appropriate provider.

Elli Health is not a direct-to-consumer service, it's only available through payers or providers.


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